Should I Add the Vesper Cortex to My Existing Vesper AIS?


My boat has the Vesper XB 800 AIS. It already has many of the features of the Vesper Cortex so is it worth investing in the Cortex as well? It seems there would be a simpler model of Cortex that doesn’t duplicate features unnecessarily, for those who have the XB800? - Brian 


The Cortex does have a lot of the same capabilities as the XB 8000 but packs in a lot more as well. Integrating the AIS and VHF into a colour display at the helm you can call up other boats with a touch of a button.

The monitoring system in the Cortex is also far superior to almost any other product of its kind on the market allowing you to view twice-daily updates of power, location, wind, depth, bilge, temperature and more on your smartphone.