Holland 67 - "Hummingbird"

Ed and Sheila purchased Hummingbird, a Holland 67, built off shore and delivered in Seattle. They knew it needed some post-commissioning work, but a few deficiencies came as a surprise, e.g., insufficient batteries and quirks in the navigation system. A contact in Seattle referred them to Pacific Yacht Systems, a full-service company that could solve their problems.

PYS started gradually on Hummingbird, without the benefit of many manufacturer’s diagrams. Over several months, they touched, in some way, virtually every electronic and electrical system aboard.

" PYS has been very prompt when we have an issue that needs to be solved right away," says Sheila. " If I need something done for the weekend, they are very good about coming out and fixing it." 

PYS commissioned a complete 24V DC house and engine battery bank system, solved a problem with the isolation transformer and addressed small issues with the DC and AC panels.

The navigation system also needed a hand: re-installing a Maretron weather station (WSO 100) and configuring the Nobeltec Admiral Software to integrate with all the sensors, including radar, sounder, AIS, and the PYS-installed infrared engine camera and rear-view camera.

In addition, the communications systems needed some work. PYS installed a Digital Antenna 50 dB cell booster for communication within cell range and even calibrated the KVH TracPhone F77 satellite communication dish for times when Hummingbird is off-grid.

Lastly, PYS spent some time completing and commissioning the KVH M7 satellite TV system aboard Hummingbird.

“We’re almost there,” says Sheila. “We had a good summer on the boat.”