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I started this company because, at the heart of it all, I am a boater.  A boater who experienced a catastrophic electrical fail on my first boating voyage.  As a systems design expert, I couldn’t understand how someone could overlook the very basic, safety requirements of a marine electrical system.  It really is the heart of every boat and, simple or complicated, these systems are based on industry standards that are designed to keep you and your family safe. 

My personal philosophy has always been to do things right versus making things work.  Boat electrical systems are getting more and more complicated and these standards exist for a reason.  I believe the secret to our company’s success has been “expertise through repetition”.  We concentrate on a few things and do them over and over.  All of our technicians receive ABYC and NMEA training, updates and share tips and tricks on a daily basis.  It is this concentrated approach that makes us specialists in the industry. We live for this stuff. 

- Jeff Cote, Pacific Yacht Systems