Carver 46 - "Roseanna J"

The day before Jim was heading out from Nanaimo to Port Hardy on Roseanna J, Boston Pizza's 46-foot Carver, the boat's radar system went down. He phoned Garmin, who referred him to PYS, who immediately put a technician on an airplane bound for Nanaimo. Within 24 hours, Jim was on his way to Port Hardy.

 Then 50 weeks to the day, the boat's radar went down again. PYS acted immediately to obtain a replacement unit. Jim was again on his way to Port Hardy, so when the radar arrived, PYS drove into downtown Vancouver to deliver the part. "It was a drive-by handout," laughs Jim, "in the middle of rush-hour traffic!" 

"I can't sing PYS' praises well enough," says Jim. "I've told a dozen people about them."

Jim reports that PYS now does all of the electrical/electronics work on the boat; next on the list is a Garmin AIS system, and PYS has again promised a 24-hour turnaround time. "When summer is here, the timing is critical," Jim says. "You want to be out on the water as much as possible."