Ferretti 592 - "Freya"

Peter had heard about the Automatic Identification System (AIS) that tracks shipping and boating traffic. On a personal recommendation, he approached Pacific Yacht Systems and asked for more information about it. PYS explained the various systems available and installed the most appropriate AIS (Furuno Class B AIS transponder FA-50) for Freya, a Ferretti 592.

“I did not realize how good AIS is until I got one for my own boat,” says Peter. It enables him to see vessels that are two or three miles ahead, even if they are around a corner; this has greatly increased his feeling of safety when navigating along the coast. And knowing that those vessels are aware of Freya and its direction of travel adds to his level of confidence.

 "I’ve had about fifteen boats in my day," states Peter,  "so I know the difference good service makes."

Peter was very happy with PYS’ service during the installation, finding the technicians helpful, courteous, and clean, and he would definitely use PYS again.