Grady White 208 Adventurer

When Alan wanted some upgrades done on his 208 Adventurer Grady White, Pacific Yacht Systems came to his house and did the work there. “They treated my boat with utmost respect,” he says, “and put everything back neat and clean. They were very picky.”

PYS installed hidden NMEA 2000 cabling in the side of Alan’s boat, making it possible to connect the engine and new fuel flow sensor with the Lowrance HDS 10 multi-function display. This was something his own mechanic hadn’t realized was possible. Now Alan can see much more than depth, speed and RPMs. His HDS displays the most fuel-efficient cruising speed, and this translates to real cost savings.

"PYS know what they’re doing, that’s for darn sure,"  says Alan. "Their work on the Grady White’s electronics didn’t take that much time, but it was a huge improvement on what I had."

With the new Standard Horizon Matrix AIS VHF unit integrated to his HDS display, Alan now knows if a large vessel is around a blind corner. He often cruises the Georgia Straight, and this feature has greatly improved his boating safety.

And Alan is pleased that he’s had no problems since the work was done. “It can be a bummer to go out on the water after someone’s worked on your boat, and then find that things aren’t working.”