Grand Banks 46 - " Lady Suzanne"

Bryan had recently purchased Lady Suzanne, a Grand Banks 46, and was unfamiliar with its different systems, particuarly the DC system. He arranged for PYS to perform an electrical audit. As a result, Bryan agreed to several improvements on his boat: upgrading the entire DC system; installing a smart alternator combiner system so both engine alternators charge the house bank; adding Wi-Fi with cell booster; installing a Furuno AIS transponder and receiver; moving the bow thruster battery from the stern to the bow. In addition, PYS labelled everything and produced a schematic, which allowed Bryan to better understand the system workings of his boat.

 "I feel a lot more comfortable with the AC-DC electrical system after PYS upgraded it," states Bryan. "I'm confident enough that if there's a problem, I can get to the bottom of it."

Bryan was impressed with the innovative solution and describes the overall quality of PYS' work as first-class. As a business owner, he understands the concept of service. "Other people could probably learn something from them," he says.