Roton Industries

Your trusted Marine Electronics & Heater Wholesaler and Retailer for over 50 years

Roton is a proud member of the Pacific Yacht Systems family of companies

Since 1973, Roton has served the marine industry around the province, providing marine electrical and electronic products to builders, brokers, boatyards, stores, installers, and boat owners.  We are also the master dealer for Espar marine diesel heaters for BC, providing sales, support, service, and repairs of the Espar product line.

We carry all major brands of marine electronics, with solutions for navigation, communications, entertainment, autopilots, cameras, instruments, solar power, heaters, watermakers, and more.  Our experienced staff is able to provide expert advice on products, compatibility, and system configuration.  We also strive to carry a wide inventory of accessories, cables, and adapters needed to complete the job.

In 2019, Roton merged with Pacific Yacht Systems (PYS).  The two companies now operate as one.  In broad terms, Roton offers wholesale and retail sales of marine electrical and electronics products, while PYS provides the installation and design consultation services.  As a result, our two websites are now merging to offer our collective knowledge base, and access to all the services and products of both companies.