Silverton 38 - "Hot Tamale"

Tom, who works in marketing, liked the idea that the money he would spend for PYS to conduct an electrical audit on his boat would be applied to the cost of any service he might subsequently arrange with them. He found he was running short of power when at anchor with Hot Tamale, his 38-foot Silverton, and wanted some ideas. He appreciated the way PYS helped him look at the boat's power requirements based on the number of days he wanted to stay at anchor while considering his daily electrical consumption. 

PYS upgraded the boat's electrical system, and while Tom hasn't had a chance yet to take his boat out for an extended time, he feels confident that he'll have much more power and for a longer period.

"Electrical terminology is like a different language," says Tom. "It's very difficult for a lay person to understand. I really liked the way PYS made everything very easy to understand."