Can I Install a Battery Isolator if I Have a Lead Acid Battery for Cranking and an AGM House Bank?


HI Jeff . I just watched your videos on youtube about battery isolators and I have one question . let's say I have a stock alternator , lead acid battery for cranking and an AGM house bank . is it okay to install an isolator? would the alternator undercharge the house AGM banks ? - Azli


Hi Azii, the battery isolator simply shares the alternator output to multiple battery banks. The battery isolator will not modify the alternator voltage for different battery chemistry. By default, stock alternators are meant to charge flooded lead acid batteries, it’s quite possible your AGM battery will be slightly undercharged with the stock alternator connected to a battery isolator. In an ideal world, it’s much simpler to have the same battery chemistry for engine and house batteries.  - Jeff