I Am Upgrading From a 2-Battery to a 3-Battery System, Can I Use the Existing 2-Bank Charger?


I am upgrading my battery bank from a two battery bank to a three bank system. There will be one dedicated starting bank for each engine and a third dedicated house bank (two parallel group 27s). I am also adding a BEP Battery Distribution cluster with twin VSR(s).  Can I keep the original two bank battery charger and run the charger through the new VSR(s) or should I upgrade to a three bank charger and connect the new charger directly to the batteries? - Bryan


I would definitely recommend upgrading to a three bank battery charger for safe and even charging.  Xantrex makes a great three bank charger in the True charge 2 - https://www.pysystems.ca/products/xantrex-truecharge2-40a-battery-charger/

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