Should My Bilge Pump Be Wired to the Starter Battery or the House Battery?


I wanted to extend to you my thanks for probably saving my life! I recently took possession of a used boat. I was aware the wiring was sketchy and thought it an easy fix. With your excellent YOUTUBE postings, I have learned otherwise. I was about $100 USD into my repairs and have learned that they were not up to spec. I wish I could engage your services.  

I have taken your equipment recommendations to heart investing in new red/yellow wiring, waterproof crimps, terminal blocks, and a DVSR switch bloc and a battery monitor. I noted the ASK PYS recommendation to keep the bilge pump wired directly to the battery. My 2002 bilge pump was originally wired to the cranking battery. Should it be on the house? - Kevin


Thanks for sharing your feedback about our content on YouTube. Glad to know you are finding it informative.  Choosing on which battery to run your bilge pump is NOT a black and white answer. You’ll ask 100 professionals, and probably 1/4 will say engine battery and another 3/4 will say house. It’s my professional recommendation to wire the bilge pump to the house battery. - Jeff