Smart Shunt Reading 0%?


I installed a Victron smart shunt. I have a Proline 20 amp shore power charger with 3 outputs. I am only using 2 of them, one to the house bank and the other to the engine battery. Directly wired to each bank. My smart shunt records the power usage but not what the charger puts back in. I saw a 0% SOC the other day. Engine starts fine. Everything that runs off the house bank was working appropriately also. If i run the engine and/or turn on my solar panels, the smart shunt says 100 - 98% SOC. But when I turn on the shore power charger it will read 0% in the morning.

Any ideas? Seems I’ve wired it wrong?  Thanks, Neil


Sounds like the negative from your battery charger, bypasses the smartshunt which explains why you don’t count the amps coming from the battery charger. Remember, no negative connection, can bypass the shunt, otherwise those amps will not be counted. - Jeff