How do I Synchronize my Older Xantrex Battery Monitor?


I really enjoyed your article in Pacific Yachting Magazine on battery monitors and it reminded me that I had a question about my older Xantrex monitor. The article said that the unit should be synchronised when the supply voltage has been interrupted. I'm confused and wondering if it's the AC or DC being referred to here? I've noticed that the unit will often give what, to me, are erroneous readings but if I reset as described it seems to reboot. When disconnecting from shore power is this the interrupting voltage they are talking about? - Bill


Thanks for the feedback on our Tech Talk article. This interruption of power only refers to the DC power being interrupted (i.e. disconnected). It’s not unusual for battery monitor accuracy to drift overtime, as battery capacity is not an exact measurement but rather an estimation. Before leaving for a long trip and after the batteries are recharged from shore power via a battery charger for a least a day, I’d suggest re-syncing the battery monitor. - Jeff