Firefly vs Flooded Lead Acid Battery


Hi. I've seen several of your videos on the firefly Carbon foam battery. I am considering them as an upgrade to my boat's battery bank. We currently charge with a 180W solar panel and the stock alternator (50A). We do not have shore power. The options we are considering are 2 firefly Group 31s and a reserve AGM battery, or 4x FLA GC2s and a reserve. Our energy budget is on the order of 100-120 Ah. I was thinking the FLA would be more tolerant of charging abuse and provide a larger bank but we may take several days to get it back to 100% charge. The Firefly require a deeper discharge but may tolerate the partial charge better. Thoughts?  - Brad


Hi Brad, one of the Firefly battery's main advantages is it’s ability to stay in a partial state of discharge without prematurely aging. It’s a good choice for boaters that don’t have a battery charger. Another advantage is that Firefly batteries have more useable capacity then flooded lead batteries.  - Jeff

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