Using the Balmar SG200 to Charge My House and Starter Battery?


I saw that the BalmerSG200 is featured as a "Tech Gadget Wish List" item in the December 2018 issue of Pacific Yachting Magazine. On my Ranger tug I have 3 house batteries as one bank and a single battery for starting. I can see how the Balmar SG200 would easily connect to the house bank ground circuit. But the question I have relates to the boat's ACR action. While charging takes place all four batteries become one bank. Would this linking of house and starting batteries invalidate the information displayed by the SG200? - David


The Battery Combiner effectively acts like a charger and it doesn’t affect the Balmar SG200 readings. A charging voltage is a charging voltage, whether from battery charger, or alternator, or a battery combiner.  - Jeff