Overload Alternator with Sound System


Hello Staff at Pacific Yacht Systems, I've watched a ton of your videos on youtube about electrical systems on boats and have a problem I’m facing with my Jetski. If there is someone who can help me I’m sure its Jeff Cote. So I thought I might reach out and see if you guys might have a solution.

I installed an 1000 watt music system on my Jetski w/ 3 batteries. 1 lithium for the starter battery and 2 AGM batteries for the house batteries. I do have them hooked up to switch/automatic charging relay. When my Jetski is running all 3 batteries are connected because its senses the 13V from the charging system. At that point the bass from the subwoofer puts a strain on the stator while trying to charge/maintain 3 batteries. This operation has damaged my stator and now I’m having issues with cranking up my ski after it runs

My question is there some type of way I can wire up a small inverter w/an onboard charger for the house batteries for a jet ski? Do you know of anyone that can beef up the stator? How can I get the electrical power I need to feed my music system on a jet ski? Please help me if possible or point me in the right direction. Ive invested so much time and money and hate to scrap this project. I could’ve bought another jet ski with the money spent. So I’m praying for help please.

- Roland


Hi Roland,

Perhaps a DC to DC charging combiner will do the trick and not overload your alternator. Perhaps something like this instead of your battery combiner: https://www.victronenergy.com/dc-dc-converters/orion-tr%20smart

The smaller version (model: 12/12-18) will probably do the trick and limit the current to 18 amps. - Jeff