I Want to Have a House Bank and a Start Bank, Can You Show Me a Diagram of a Battery Combiner to Charge With One Alternator?


I watched your videos and I am interested in purchasing a battery combiner from your website and was looking for some insight.  I have one 5.7 L mercruiser with 2 batteries. I want to make one the house battery (radio, gps, lights) and the second one a starting battery.  They are currently both wired to a 1 , 2 , 1+2 , off switch.  How would I wire the ACR?  - Will


The battery combiner will be installed connected to the unswitched distribution of each battery as shown in this diagram. You can still use your battery switch in an emergency situation but the ACR reduces the risk of leaving the batteries combined and being left with a dead starter battery while on the water.


It is important to remember that the battery leads must be fused at the connection points closest to the battery.