I Would Like to Purchase a New Garmin Transducer for My Boat. Where Do I Start?


Jeff, this is a new build and I am investigating thru hull transducers for Garmin depth sounder/sonar. The goal is to maximize visualization of the bottom for anchoring purposes vs fishing. Upon searching the web I find everything orientated to fishing. I have seen your comments regarding the usefulness of an advanced system to find the best spot to anchor in challenging anchorages. Thanks for your help. - Ken


Within the Garmin family, I suggest you consider transducers with SideVu and DownVu capabilities. The Garmin website has a pretty neat transducer selector tool to help narrow down the huge selection of transducers to choose from:

  • Mounting Style
  • Sonar Type
  • Maximum Depth
  • Transducer Power
  • Hull Material
  • Deadrise Angle

You can see the whole list here: https://buy.garmin.com/en-CA/CA/cOnTheWater-cTransducers-p1.html

- Jeff