Battery Isolator With Two Alternators


Greetings, I'm reviewing your videos on Battery Chargers and Combiners. Great work and please keep it up.  I have a question regarding my set up. I have twin diesel engines, a starting battery for each engine and a house battery bank. I currently have a Sure Power isolator that has connections for three batteries and two alternators. I have had issues with the isolator where it stops putting a charge into the house bank but still puts a charge into each starting battery after being at anchor when the house batteries are down. I've looked at your recommendations for the Argofet isolator but I do not see one with two alternator inputs and three battery banks. Do I need to use two isolators or does Argfet make one to handle two alternators? If I use two isolators, is OK to connect the house battery bank to the output on both isolators?  Thank you.  Bruce


Hi Bruce, the Victron Argofet battery isolator doesn't have a 2 input (i.e. 2 alternator) model. With 2 alternators and a 3 battery bank setup you'll need to purchase a two 1-2 Argofets. As you suggest, you'll have the house battery connected to both Argofets.  - Jeff