Can I Combine Two Alternators With One Battery Isolator?


I have watched a lot of your videos.  Loved them!  Just need a little expertise on which battery isolator to purchase.  

I have (2) Crusader V-6's with 50 Amp alternators, 2 start engine batteries, and 1 house battery.  I don't see any of your isolators that  have 2 inputs for alternators?  Can I combine 2 alternators on 1 post? If I have 50 Amp alternators, do I need more than 100 Amps?  Or is 100 Amp isolator enough?   Thank you.  - Charlie



With two engines you definitely want a dedicated battery isolator per engine alternator. It’s tempting to join to alternator outputs to a single battery isolator alternator input, but you definitely cannot.