O'Day 32 - "Carpe Diem"

Marco was looking for a marine specialist to do some basic work on his boat, Carpe Diem: mount a new stereo, rewire the speakers, relocate the VHF radio, and complete the wiring and installation for a water heater. He had dealt with a number of marine service companies in the past, only to find their work disappointing. So when he saw PYS' logo on a service van, he investigated further and was encouraged by their positive testimonials and the professional appearance of their website.

"Absolutely, I would go back to PYS," states Marco. "And I have recommended them to other boaters."

Marco describes himself as being "very, very particular about how I like things done," so when he found that the radio wasn't mounted exactly as he wanted, he asked PYS to reposition it. They did just that, without comment. "They didn't make me feel like I was putting them out," he says. And when he found a problem with the regular heater, which may have happened when the technicians were on the boat, PYS came back and fixed it, no questions asked. "That is really, really important," adds Marco. "That impressed me a lot."