Bayliner 3270

Bob, who's had 26 years in the boat business — owning a factory and running several boat stores — could tell, from their articles in Pacific Yachting magazine, that PYS knew what they were doing. He had recently purchased a family boat, a Bayliner 3270, and requested that PYS do an analysis on its wiring; it had been worked on by another company, but he suspected it wasn't in good shape. PYS confirmed Bob's suspicions. "They told me it was the worst wiring done by a dealer that they'd ever seen," states Bob. "The wires were close to melting — an absolute nightmare."

"PYS is much better than anyone else," says Bob. "They are the best at what they do."

PYS corrected the faulty wiring and installed a new engine and house battery system, GPS, and VHF. Bob hasn't had a chance to take his boat out since its upgrade, but is grateful for the peace of mind he'll have, knowing the wiring has been done properly. "Fires are not a good thing when you have fibreglass," he notes. And he appreciates the fact that PYS is eager to join him on the boat at the first opportunity, to show him how all the new equipment works.