Charging My Windlass Battery and My House Battery Bank Together?


I have:

  • An AGM engine battery (also serves the windless)
  • A 900 amp hour lithionics house bank
  • 2 lead acid bow thruster batteries
  • A Magnum inverter/charger
  • and 750 watts of solar

The windless battery is charged off a 120v/12v charger and only charges at the dock or from the generator. I would like to charge both the engine and windless batteries from the house bank. I assume I could do this with dc/dc chargers one for engine and the other for the windless.  - Ken


You are correct that the DC-DC chargers are the correct way to go for this purpose, if all your banks are 12vDC the best option is for the Victron Orion 12/12/30. Here is a link to one on our website, note it is the non-isolated model so all of the battery negatives need to be tied together.