Why Is My Battery Monitor Out of Sync?


Recently I went to my boat and found my battery monitor was flashing ‘synchronize’. Battery monitor showed 97.2 % charge and voltage of 12.7. I was plugged in to shore power so it would normally show over 13 volts and 100%. I’ve turned off shore power and using solar while I’m trying to trouble shoot. I did a manual synchronize and it went to 100. Tonight it’s at 98.7 % and 13.1 v and blinking synchronize again. I did manual and it went to 100 but still blinking. Its a xantrex link lite about 4 years old.  - Ken


Hi Ken, thanks for reaching out to PYS. It’s quite common for battery monitors and the background math to walk a little showing slightly lower than 100% when fully charged. When you have a know fully charged bank, then we synchronize to reset the 100% mark.

In this case with the lower 12.7V when on shore power seems like perhaps a charging issue, as a next step, with somewhat drained batteries try turning on the shore power charger and recording the current coming into your battery bank as shown on the monitor. 

Lack of amps or “flow” to the batteries may indicate a bad charger.