Suggestion for Charging Two Battery Banks With One Solar Panel?


I’ve been watching your YouTube videos very informative. We have an off-grid cabin 400w Solar panel wanting to connect two smaller banks of batteries. 
One bank for a 12v fridge and the other for small inverter cabin use. Is a battery isolator or ACR best to use? The scenarios I read about involve an alternator on a boat, but I’m comparing my single-output solar controller as the alternator if I’m saying that right. Separate for draw and charge separately from one source. Thank you, Dwayne,


Hi Dwayne; thanks for reaching out to PYS. Are the two batteries the same chemistry? If the banks are the same chemistry using an ACR will be your best option. The ACR will combine the bank together while charging and operate them when under load with no charge. If you have different chemistry batteries, you may want to consider a DC-DC charger instead to maintain separation and correct charge profiles.