Why Does My Windlass Only Works Intermittently?


My windlass has gone out again. I had the switch replaced a few years ago by the boat builder, Monaro. They put in a bigger 80 amp switch. Same problem again, The solenoid clicks but the winch does not work, most of the time. It does periodically work. Before we left for this recent local trip I tested at the dock and the winch responded using the helm switch. I see this is a common problem. Is there a common solution? Do you have suggestions as to what I could look for or do you have time to have a look at it?  - Dan


If a thermal keeps tripping it's generally a sign of voltage drop.  Either because there is a bad connection on the circuit or potentially an undersized wire feeding the windlass. Recall that Power = voltage X amperage, as voltage drops by 10 or 20%, amperage needs to increase by the exact amount.  With a full battery, or connected to shore power, the problem is less likely to occur.  Feel free to call me to further discuss this. - Jeff