Help me Understand my Fuse Block?


I recently installed a fuse block that has five connections: two 30A, one 15A, and two 2A. The 30A are the two downriggers and the 15A is the new diesel furnace. What are the two 2A connected to? None of these are labelled. Could one of the 2A be for the furnace fuel pump? Everything else I can think of goes through the Blue Seas panels. Also, it appears the thruster is not fused and does not have a circuit breaker like the winch. Is this normal? I assume on all three Blue Seas circuit breaker panels, that any circuit toggle will flip off if overloaded. They are either 15A or 30A with no replacement fuses at the back off the panel.


Those two 2A connections are most likely the voltage sensor and the power for your battery monitor. A thruster should be both fused and switched. What is your thruster connected to?

Any thermal circuit breaker in your Blue Sea panel will reset to the off position if tripped. Also there is no need to change a part if the breaker resets, that is the advantage of a thermal breaker, you do NOT need to change a fuse if it trips.