What Is a Transfer Switch for an Inverter/Charger?


Hi Jeff, thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I'm planning to upgrade the electrics of my new Princess V40, which is fitted with a 6KWh Onan genset (240V) and a 30A shore power receptacle. Whilst browsing Victron's inverter/charger product catalogue I see they're showing a line item rated in amps called 'Transfer switch'. What is it and how does it affect the choice of the perfect inverter/charger for my boat? Thank you!  - Raoul


The transfer switch manages automatic switching between two power sources - generator and shore power or perhaps generator and inverter.  It’s has only 2 inputs and 1 output and may not be required depending on the current wiring of your AC panel. There is however wiring considerations when adding an inverter/charger that you will have to consider such as separation of inverter load neutrals to their own bus. 

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