Battery Type Indicator on a Freedom Inverter/Charger?


I have the Freedom 458 Remote Panel installed on my boat. As per your suggestion, I downloaded the manual for the Freedom 25 inverter/charger I purchased. Unfortunately the manual doesn’t show the new panel I received, it actually shows an image of the old one we replaced (page 29). If you read pages 29-35 it suggests the panel’s “dip switches” should be programmed to the Freedom 25 inverter. I’m sure we didn’t do any of that, your tech just plugged it in. Although the system appears to be working, how can I be sure the inverter/charger and the remote are correctly paired? Furthermore, can you provide a manual or instructions on how to use this panel? Or is this manual and I’m so “electrically challenged” I don’t understand it? Would appreciate your feedback on this. - Peter


Looks like you are NOT reading the correct monitor or inverter/charger manual.  This is the link to the Freedom 458 Basic Remote Panel  Also, the inverter/charger defaults to flooded batteries, which is what you have. On the front of the unit, when the unit is powered from AC or DC, you can see some LED lights indicating which battery type (if selected).  See page 9 of the Owner’s Manual on how to confirm which battery type you have selected.  -Jeff

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