Uniflite 28 Sports Sedan Wiring Questions


Since purchasing this vessel I have watched many of your videos on YouTube, I'm pre-retirement and it's a running handyman special, so it's my weekend love I want it to key turn ready when I retire. I have been on the water and around boats all my life but I have learned so much from your boat shows videos.  Things that I have been taught and thought were no big deal are actually a big deal! For example,  grounds underwater not being waterproof. It's been my norm to just replace the butt connector and put it right back the way it was. I'm at the point of applying all my new-found knowledge. 

I realized that you have stressed all the things you shouldn't do but would like a little more advice on what I should do. For example, you explained why you shouldn't run big amp devices off the inverter charger, so what do I run my fridge and ac unit off when I'm away from shore power? I the idea of bus bars and distribution strips, but how do I build efficient and safe systems? Last question, I can not find the old converter on my boat, any suggestions? I can't find a wiring diagram for this boat I have asked the builder but they no longer print or supply them. I have 2 Chevy 350's, do I wire in a separate charger just for the starting batteries. Thank you and keep educating us old dogs. - Terrence


Hi Terrence, glad you enjoy our YouTube series and thanks for the feedback.  Here are some answers to your questions:

1) Running a fridge from an inverter is a fine and reasonable load. An Air Conditioner powered from an inverter would require a very large Lithium battery bank and inverter.

2) The old converter will be big (e.g. 8” x 8” x 12”) with a metallic shell. Probably located in engine room or aft of engine room.

3) With 2 engine batteries and a house battery, install a 3 output charger as long as all the batteries are the same type of chemistry (flooded, AGM, etc.)

- Jeff