I Am Installing a New Inverter/Charger on My Boat, Do I Need a New Fuse?


Jeff, I am installing a VE MultiPlus-II 12/3000/125-50 inverter/charger on my sailboat. The manual calls for a 400A fuse. Currently my batteries are fused at 200A. Do I need to now fuse my battery to 400A? BTW both are running to a common unstitched bus bar. - Larry


Great question, with a 3000 watt 12 volt inverter/charger, you’ll definitely need to rewire the whole positive inverter/charger circuit to be fused at 400 amps. This also means the positive wiring from battery to DC unswitched distribution needs to be able to handle up to 400 amps as well. Make sure all the inverter/charger DC circuits are also sized for 400 amps. - Jeff

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