How to Connect the Small Wires on a Fishfinder to a Larger Wire on the Switch Panel


Hi I am contacting you from Ireland, I have watched a lot of your Youtube videos and have found them invaluable in helping me understand how to wire my 16ft fishing boat. I wouldn't usually expect free advice but I do not know where else to turn regarding an issue I am having. My problem is that my fishfinder and my forward facing sonar have tiny wires!! I can not seem to find butt connectors or ring terminals small enough to connect them. The wires from my switch panel are much larger. I have no idea what to do. Even step-down connectors don't bridge the gap required. How do I get around this? I would be very grateful for your help.


“Hello fellow boater in Ireland. For smaller gauge connections, 3M makes a Scotchlok™ butt connector for gauge 22-14 wires:

- Jeff