How Do I Charge My Trolling Motor Battery From My Outboard?


Hi guys, love your videos. I am in Manitoba and on my fishing boat I have a battery up front for my trolling motor. What do I need to add so that it will charge from my outboard....It seems I need a combiner ?? if so what gauge wire would I need to run from the starting battery to the trolling motor batter. Thank you for any help. - Don


Yep, in order to have your engine battery recharge your trolling battery, a popular choice is to interconnect both batteries via a battery combiner. Sizing the wire for the battery combiner, depends on the maximum amperage of the battery combiner chosen. For instance a battery combiner rated for 120 amps, should have a wire capable to handle 120 amps. Remember to consider voltage drop (length of cable) as well when choosing your wire size. - Jeff