How Should a Genset Starter be Wired?


I wanted to turn on the genset to view where that water was leaking; however the genset will now start but with just a clicking sound. IT is as if the solenoid is not engaged with the starter.The main red and black wires seem secure and well connected. So this seems not to be an issue with power to the unit. I tried hitting the area (the starter?) by the red connection as I have had older vehicles that needed this in the past. No luck. With only 176 hours on the genset I would not have thought the starter would be gone. Any suggestions?


Generally, the ignition power for the genset should come from the switched genset battery. Have you double-checked to make sure the genset battery switch is turned on? For troubleshooting purposes, please turn the genset switch to off. Now, try to turn on the genset via the ignition button. If you don't hear a clicking sound at genset starting solenoid, you've confirmed that your genset starting circuit is properly powered from the genset battery.