Charging Lithium Boat Batteries in Cold Weather?


Jeff, love your videos and info you provide. One question I have that I haven't seen discussed, lithium batteries have issues with cold temperatures for charging. As my boat is in the Chesapeake Bay, we can reach temperatures below freezing. How do people charge the batteries in the cold temperatures? Do they have heat mattes or heat the area? Or do they feel they will not have issues and not worry? I know S/V UMA have gone to the Arctic and back even with electric motors as propulsion. - John


Glad to hear you are enjoying the videos. At colder times of year, or climates, most newer battery chargers or charger/inverters have the option to limit current which helps with this issue. Alternatively you are correct, people are using heated mats, compartments or even batteries.

For example this 100ah lithium battery from Battleborn has a heating function built in.

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