Time-Saving Tools You Might Overlook

A mirror may not be the first thing that comes to mind when stocking your electrical tool kit, but it can save hours of headaches. At PYS we asked our technicians what time-saving tools are commonly overlooked.

Alligator Clips Ever had to tape a metre probe to a battery terminal while you held the other probe metres away? To test voltage levels or to quickly make a connection to verify a device is working, alligator clips save time and effort. Available with insulating plastic covering over everything but the tip, they help ensure that connections aren't shorted.

Inspection Mirror On boats, it is common to find a wire connection behind an awkward breaker panel or bulkhead. With an inspection mirror you can peer behind obstacles or get another view of that hard-to-reach screw connection, giving you a clearer picture of what is actually going on. 

Zip Ties A staple of boat electrical systems, using zip ties ensures that your wiring will be properly strapped down. This step will help you to avoid shorts that can be caused by power cables rubbing in rough seas. Ties can also be purchased that have loops for screws, helping to mount cables securely and neatly.

Headlamp A simple headlamp is invaluable because it frees your hands when you're peering into dark bilges, behind electrical panels, or into cupboards. Their small size lets them illuminate places that a trouble-light just won't fit. 

Permanent Marker Need to quickly label wires as you take them off a panel? Having a marker in your tool kit prevents skipping this crucial step and the subsequent awful realization as you reassemble that your memory wasn't quite as good as you originally thought.

Do you have any commonly overlooked tools that you couldn't live without? Leave a comment below!