Should I Use AGM Batteries or Dual Purpose AGM Batteries for My Bow Thruster?


Jeff, I'm moving my 24 volt battery bank nearer to my bow thruster (under the v-birth). Should I by 2 AGMs or 2 dual purpose AGMs? They'll only be recharged by AC from my generator. The 24 volt bow thruster draws 120 amps according to the manual. We boat a lot in the Trent Canal system so the thruster would get more use than say someone in lake Ontario.

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A good set of dual purpose AGM batteries would be best for this application and moving them closer to the bow in certainly the way to go.  It would also be worth considering a battery isolator from the alternator or DC-DC charger if your other systems are 12 volt. This ensures the thrusters stay charged, as most of the time they are in use with the engines running and away from shore power.

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