Mixing Battery Types?


On my sailboat, I have a Group 27 Interstate starting battery (very new) and two 6-year-old Dyno L16’s. I will be replacing the Dyno’s with Fireflys Group 31’s. If I want to have 330 AH house bank capacity would it be better to set up the 3 Firefly’s in parallel as the house bank or setup only two of them in parallel and replace the Interstate battery with a Firefly and then operate as if I had a big house bank and a smaller house bank?  If I keep the Interstate will I have to keep the Magnum Inverter on a flooded lead-acid charging schedule?  Thanks.  - Carl


Hi Carl, definitely better to have one house battery bank of 3 Firefly batteries, than manage two house battery banks of 2 and 1 Firefly battery. That way you can have the correct charge profile for your Firefly batteries.  - Jeff