Lithium vs Firefly Batteries


I'm looking at a carbon foam vs Lithium ion battery. I want to use it for my trolling motor. The lithium batteries cost a lot but are very light. I was thinking of getting the Battle Born 24v with 50ah for my every day trolling use and the firefly for the added power when I troll. I am on a lake I want to start fishing again with downriggers but my current boat has a motor that is to big to run on the lake. I'm thinking when I go downrigging I'll put the firefly batteries in the boat. The firefly batteries are so heavy. What is your input?  - Richard


Hi Rich, lithium batteries are the lightest, provide the most cycles, and more energy density at a high cost. If those 3 benefits are very important to you, then the higher cost of Lithium over Firefly might be worth it. Even though lithium is the best not everyone needs the best battery for their boat.  - Jeff

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