Fuse Alternator Wire or Not?


Hi Jeff. I am rewiring my sailboat with a Universal 5411 engine. I have learned a tremendous amount of information from your videos and articles. You are awesome!  My short question is: You say, "fuse the alternator at the battery." If that fuse blows, won't it toast the alternator?  Also, I am installing a Blue Sea dual circuit battery switch and an ACR. The alternator is a new 55 amp with an internal regulator.
Your response would be appreciated.  Thank you, Brad


Hi Brad, thanks for the feedback and I am glad you like PYS Youtube content.  

It’s all about choice, a fuse is there to protect a circuit and prevent a fire. If the fuse blows, it’s preventing a fire on your boat. By not fusing, in the event of short, you’ll be saving your alternator but will lose your boat to a fire.  I hope this helps makes sense of your choice.  Cheers, Jeff

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