Choosing a Solar Controller


Aloha... Just viewed the latest YouTube video on Victron CC. I appreciate this as I am currently looking to replace a PWM Enerwatt 30w unit that supports a 12V 100W solar panel.  Question I have is when I use the Victron unit sector is says I should purchase a 75/10. That doesn’t make sense; shouldn’t it be a 100/30 as shown in the video?  - Jeff


Hi Jeffrey, Thanks for contacting PYS. A Victron 100/30 MPPT seems to be an overkill for a 100 watt panel. I agree, a Victron 75/10 is probably all you need. As a 100 watt panel will never output more then 10 amps of current and probably closer to 5 – 6 amps of output at 12 VDC.  - Jeff

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