Charging the House and Engine Battery



I have a true charge 20 amp battery charger, as well as an ACR relay switch. When I am plugged into shore power is my ACR detecting a charge coming from the 20 amp charger? And is it charging both the house and the engine the same way as it would if I were charging from the alternator?

I have also a Victron battery monitor. It does show a charge coming from the charger at a bulk rate of 4 amps when charging and a trickle charge of Point 3 amps. With that said, can I assume that it is charging both house and engine? I went with your recommendation of not needing a battery monitor solely for the engine start battery. Any thoughts? Please let me know. Thanks again, Julian


Hi Julian,

Your Xantrex battery charger should be connected to both engine and house battery. Even without the ACR battery combiner, your battery charger can charge both batteries. The battery combiner is there for sharing the charge of your alternator so that your house gets a charge from the engine battery, which is charged from the alternator. You should have a volt meter for your engine battery. Regards, Jeff

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