Using a Balmar MC-614 With Firefly Batteries?


I purchased a bank of 6 Firefly G31 at the end of last year. I installed the batteries and have Balmar MC-614 regulator and LinkLite monitor. The Balmar was set up for AGM batteries, do I need to change any of these settings?  Also, I gather the LinkLite should be reconfigured. Do I use the total amp hour 660 or usable 528. Any thing else I need to change on the LinkLite?  - James


Hi James, ideally Firefly batteries, on 12 VDC system wants 14.4 VDC for bulk charging and 13.5 for float. Choose a charge profile that is as close to this as possible. You could also do a custom charge profile of your Balmar external regulator.  Configure the battery capacity on your battery monitor as nominal capacity in battery monitor and not useable capacity.  - Jeff

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