Hunter 50 - "Escape"

George, owner of Escape, a 50-foot Hunter, offers the following comments about his experience with Pacific Yacht Systems: “We were preparing our sailboat for extended offshore cruising in the warmer latitudes. Electronics are the heart and soul of modern boats; hence we decided on 1600 amp-hour battery bank.

 “We hired Pacific Yacht Systems to review and improve our electrical installation as required. They immediately took an overall systems view of our needs. They listened, analyzed, assessed, recommended and explained in layman’s terms what was needed. They took care of most aspects of our electrical power system, including AC to DC charging needs; wiring sizes; heat shrink and protective wire coverings; number, location and size of fuses; labeling; wiring diagrams; and wiring system simplification.

"By taking an integrated overall systems approach and working with specialized professionals, you can save thousands of dollars in the long run. We are now very confident that we are leaving with a well-designed and trouble-free electrical system."

 "We sailed from Vancouver down the west coast to Costa Rica, then turned west to the Galapagos, the Marqueses, the Tuamotu and other Polynesian islands, then to Tonga and now Fiji, soon to depart for New Zealand. We have been on the go for one year now. Although I had a number of issues with the boat normally associated with such a trip, none were related to the electrical upgrade we had done through PYS, which was one of the best investments we made in ensuring trouble-free operation on this long trip. The electronics are performing magnificently and flawlessly. It is reassuring to know that this is one area of the vessel we do not have to worry about. 

"There is no price for peace of mind on a long trip away from home! Thank you, PYS."