Gulfstar 44 - "Fancy Free"

After searching for a company specializing in marine electronics, Andrew arranged for PYS to conduct an electrical audit on Fancy Free, his 44-foot Gulfstar. "They know what they are doing; they are quick and efficient," he says. Learning that the batteries were "completely fried" explained the hissing noises he and his wife had noticed from the pump room. In addition, PYS' electrical audit found that the plastic cases holding the batteries, designed to catch any acid spills, had holes in the bottom. As a result, battery acid had been overflowing onto the boat's floorboards. "It was a huge relief to find out what it was," says Andrew. "The last thing you want in a boat is a large amount of hydrogen floating around in an area with lots of electrical bits and pieces."

"PYS is totally professional," states Andrew. "The work is done meticulously and the jobs are always properly finished."

Andrew will be turning to PYS for a few more upgrades on his boat: a depth sounder, a VHF radio, and a new propane alarm system. He notes that the PYS technician who's worked on his boat never seems to get flustered, always finds a solution, and always leaves everything in immaculate condition.