Would You Recommend Lithium or Firefly Carbon Foam Batteries?


Jeff, great YouTube channel thank you! I've already learned a lot. I know you've been a fan of the Firefly Carbon Foam batteries, but would you still recommend this over upgrading batteries (and charger, and/or wires) to LiFePo4 (lithium)? I have a sailboat with 2 8D AGMs (200AH x 2) and was thinking about similar Amp range... c400-500Amps, which is a little more than I have now. Thank you for your comments.  - Anoolio


Hi Anoolio, thanks for the feedback. Choosing between Lithium and Firefly depends on what is important to you versus cost. Generally, boaters that choose lithium really need lots of energy in a small volume and weight. They also want a Lithium battery for lots of cycle life and a fast recharge rate. Of course, all those benefits come at higher cost then Firefly batteries. As a boater, you also have to consider the implications of going to Lithium for your existing alternator, wiring, charger, etc...

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