Wiring Two Alternators To One Battery Isolator Input?


My question is on dual alternators plus multiple banks and isolator. #1) can I hook up two alternators to the same input on the isolator noting within capacities of the isolator. Example Two 65 amp alternators on a 200 amp isolator? #2) can you have a battery bank of batteries in parallel off of one isolator output? In my case I want to buy a fet isolator to replace diode isolator. I have 2 starting batteries in bank 1, 2 house batteries in bank 2 and may add 3rd bank of 2 house batteries. So ultimately can I buy a single 3 bank 200 amp isolator for a dual 65 amp alternator boat into the 3 banks of two batteries each bank( all set for 12 volt).  Cheers, Paul


#1) You cannot have two alternator inputs to one battery isolator input. #2) Yes, you can parallel a single battery to multiple battery isolators. We often have a 2 engine setup with 2 battery isolators, with each isolator doing it’s own engine battery (output 1) and the house battery connected to (output 2). - Jeff

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