Where Do You Recommend Installing the Voltage Sense Wire From the Alternator?


I have started rewiring my boat in phases. I just installed the unswitched distribution bars for the house bank and fused appropriately using MRBFs. My next task is to install an agrofet isolator for charging the engine and house banks (6x T105s).

Currently, my alternator output goes to the 1-2-both switch and I will remove that. My question is, where do you recommend installing the voltage sense wire from the Delco 10si alternator? Should I take this back to the house bank or can I connect it to the output post of the Victron Agrofet? Also, should I fuse the line from the alternator to the isolator? I noticed in your diagrams this line is not fused. - Omar


You’re definitely asking the right questions, good job!

1) Yes, connect the alternator voltage sense wire on your house battery, that way it will offset the voltage drop across the wiring and battery isolator. Test your wiring once installed to make sure your alternator voltage doesn’t go above 14.4 volts.

2) We always recommend fusing the battery connections to the battery isolator. We rarely fused the alternator output as an alternator will never output more then it’s rated output. Make sure the alternator wiring can handle the max amperage from the alternator.

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