What Size Should the Chassis Ground Wire Be for My Inverter/Charger Installation?


I'm a big fan of your very informative videos.  I'm reinstalling my Freedom 25 Charger/Inverter and I have confusion about the chassis ground.  The installation manual says to use AWG 8 on the chassis ground and run it to the AC  ground, which is how my system was set up originally. In your video about installing Inverter/chargers, you say the chassis ground should be no less than one size smaller than the largest DC supply to the inverter or AWG 1/0.  This is not mentioned anywhere in the instruction manual and I don't think the chassis ground lug could accommodate such a large ground cable.  Can you please clarify this for me?  I am very reluctant to move forward with my project when I have a doubt about the right procedure to follow.  Best wishes and thanks for all the valuable information you are putting out. - John


ABYC definitely stipulates that your inverter/charger chassis ground be no less than one cable size smaller than the largest AC/DC cable connected to the device. The manual you are reading is most likely outdated or intended for an RV audience. I categorically agree with ABYC here. Undo the chassis ground connection point and use the nut and bolt as a connection point for your new correctly sized chassis ground to your inverter/charger. Make sure there is no paint between the lug and the inverter/charger. - Jeff